Koboka, Welcome

Media: Oil on Board
Subject: People
Size: 31cm x 44cm



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About Koboka, Welcome

  • Born 1941, Johannesburg South Africa
  • Died in 1997
  • Little known painter - but influenced by Ephrahim Ngatane, Koboka pioneered township art, creating a very unique and distinctive style of painting which has a graphical novel feel.
  • Earlier representatives of the Township Art Movement. He works in charcoal, inks, watercolor and oils but is best known for his oils. He draws his subject matter from daily life in the townships – the hustle and bustle of street scenes, women shopping, youngsters making music. He portrays these scenes in a vigorous and bold manner. There is a great deal of abstraction and simplicity in his compositions.
  • Works in charcoal, inks, watercolor and oils - but became best known for oils.
  • His works have been exhibited in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Botswana, Austria and USA

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Gathering In The Street


Man Play Xylophone